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Michelle Nasser Group Intl has been providing Executive Coaching services to C-Suite Executives, Top Professionals and Influential Entrepreneurs for many years. Time and again we hear from them that they wished they had more guidance on their way to the top. The right support was hard to find.


We want to help People on the Rise and make their climb to the top easier.

Introducing The Associates Club, a new division of Michelle Nasser Group Intl.


The Associates Club is the only international Career Development Club in the world for People on the Rise across all industries at every career stage. Want to achieve your career goals, reach your full potential, move ahead, transition to a new role, engage with like-minded peers and learn from experts?

Then you belong at The Associates Club


Fast-track your Career 

Overcome your Career Obstacles

Achieve your Goals

Exclusive Membership

Confidential Coaching

Private Career Development Events

Offices in Canada, USA and UK

Click for your membership!                   



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