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Why are MENTORS in demand in the workplace?

Why are Mentors in Demand in the Workplace?

By Michelle Nasser, President, International Executive Coach, Speaker,

Author, Podcast Host, Mentor

Millennials want Mentors. They want to learn from experts, ask questions and feel like their contributions are acknowledged. Millennials see the value of having Mentors because they recognize that it is the fastest way to progress.

But Mentors are not just for Millennials.

Companies incorporate mentoring for many reasons:

-increase job satisfaction for Mentor and Mentee

-attract and retain top talent

-improve productivity

-strengthen internal networks

Mentoring is also a cost effective way to improve onboarding, innovate processes and increase revenue.

Now let’s consider how mentoring creates equality in the workplace. Did you know that when men and women mentor each other, it creates a positive shift within internal networks? The only way to truly promote equality in the workplace is to learn from each other.

So why isn’t every company doing this?

Time and Tools

Some companies think that mentoring will take time away from daily tasks and responsibilities. They may think that employees are overwhelmed on a daily basis and adding another meeting or “thing to do” seems like a bad idea. In fact, employees want the opportunity to engage in new ways and develop new skills so mentoring is a good idea.

Some companies do not have the tools or resources for a Mentoring Program. They do not know how to start or how to implement one. Like everything else, the best thing to do is to seek help from experts. There are some good companies that offer Mentoring programs. Our company, Michelle Nasser Group Intl is unique in that we help to determine the best candidates for our Mentor Certification Program and the best way to implement it, based on the company’s goals.

Companies know that people are their greatest asset so they should invest time and tools to help their executives, managers, and trainers to become Mentors so they will gain the skills needed to develop Future Leaders.

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