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Do you have what it takes to be a successful C-Level Executive?

Do you have what it takes to be a successful C-Level Executive?

By Michelle Nasser, President, International Executive Coach,

Speaker, Author, Podcast Host, Mentor

Have you ever wondered if you have the potential to be a successful C-Level Executive?

You may have a strong business acumen, proven track record of results and developed an area of expertise, all of which are required for a C-Level Executive position. But that is not enough. You will also be required to possess excellence in 3 major areas, in order to determine whether you have the potential to be a successful C-Level Executive.

The 3 major areas of excellence are:

Analytical Skills

Communication Skills

Innovation Skills

If you answer “yes” to these questions, then you are a high potential who should be considered for succession-planning into a C-Level Executive role:

Analytical Skills Question: Do you take calculated risks?

Answering “yes” indicates that you have the capacity to see the big picture, analyze risks and benefits and determine the best direction to move forward. You seek consultation from others in order to gain new perspectives and have the confidence to make the right decision. You can create a shift and lead an organization to profitable outcomes.

Communication Skills Question: Are you able to effectively communicate with people at all levels?

Answering “yes” indicates that you are a genuine person, who understands the value that everyone adds to the success of an organization. You are able to make meaningful connections which enables you to inspire people to work towards a common goal. People want to follow you.

Innovation Skills Question: Do you think outside the box?

Answering “yes” indicates that you are a creative problem-solver. You are able to discover solutions by looking at different approaches and finding the root cause. You are an optimistic person who enjoys the challenge and is resourceful. You can introduce new concepts, processes and tools which can give an organization a competitive edge.

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