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Better Than Law of Attraction

By: Michelle Nasser, International Executive Coach

Years ago, when I interviewed for a consultant contract, the Director asked me the standard questions:

Tell me a time when you encountered conflict and how did you handle it.

Provide examples of how you exceeded expectations on a project.

Do you have strong time management skills? How do you prioritize?

I answered those questions, but before he continued with more questions I told him,

“I can do this. Trust me. You should hire me.”

He seemed a bit surprised, then smiled and said, “Ok. Let’s do this”

And I got the contract!

He later told me that he hired me for one reason - because I had confidence.

Once you determine that you have the skills or the personality or the ability to achieve or acquire your goals, then just go for it. Believe in yourself and others will too. Be confident.

How do you gain confidence?

In order to have confidence you need self-awareness.

You need to know your abilities and strengths and how to promote them.

You need to know your limitations and weaknesses and how to improve them.

You need to accept yourself.

Confidence is the real secret to success. Confidence is what you need to attract the people and the things you want. Confidence is like the “je ne sais quoi”.

And doesn’t that sound so cool? Je ne sais quoi.

So just be the best you can be and smile along the way.

You will see the positive results when you have CONFIDENCE.

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