Career Advancement Master Class

For those professionals who want to transition into new or more challenging roles. Focus on areas of weakness and strength in order to elevate to greater heights.


  • Identifying roadblocks and steps to overcome them

  • Roadmap of specific things to do to achieve career goals

  • Preparing for Success

  • Increase Confidence



Individuals who want to get to the Next Level in their Career


2 Days (offered onsite or offsite)


1:1 Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is a thought- provoking and creative process that enables you to reach your goals.  Dive deep with trusted experts and discover your blind spots, remove obstacles, gain new skills and elevate yourself.

What do you want to talk about?






Work Life Balance


Change Management

Organizational Restructuring


Mentor Certification

Mentors are important. They help to guide us in pursuit of our greatness. Our exclusive MENTORS Master Class establishes the framework and guidelines on how to be a Mentor.


  • Creates stronger internal networks

  • Improves knowledge transfer

  • Provides support for new hires

  • Helps with succession planning

  • Increases job satisfaction for Mentor and Mentee



Groups of 6 - 12

Executive Leadership Team, High Potentials and Managers 


3 Days (offered onsite or offsite)

Transformative Leadership Program


For those Senior Executives who want to create a shift within their organization in order to increase revenue. identify areas for change, develop a vision and successfully execute change.



  • Individual Leadership Assessment to enhance personal performance.

  • Team Assessment to build a winning team.

  • Organizational Assessment to gain a competitive edge and strategic planning.


Individual is in Senior Executive role 


12 Week Progam

(12 sessions + ongoing access to support via emails and calls)


Public Speaking Prep


Learn how to incorporate stories, humour, emotion and moments to create a meaningful connection with the audience. Both you and your audience will have a great experience that is memorable.


  • Designed by TEDx Speaker Coach

  • Focus on idea/topic creation/call to action

  • Refine message, opening, closing and take aways

  • Tone, speed, emotion, authenticity and clarity

Business Etiquette Program


Learn how to create a better image for your company, improve communication at all levels and provide better customer service and support.


  • The art of introductions and remembering names.

  • Impress clients with your dining etiquette.

  • The power of a handshake

  • Learn the art of networking.

  • Eye contact and body language.

  • Telephone, Smartphone and electronic etiquette.

  • Gender and generations in the workplace.

  • How to handle co-worker and customer conflicts.

  • Telecommuting and the home office.


8 weeks,  ½ day or

full day program

Individual or Group

Personal Branding

for Leadership Program


For those individuals who want to develop or refine their personal brand in order to achieve career advancement and shape the way they can serve others.


  • Establish credibility & thought leadership

  • Grow your network

  • Market yourself

  • Attract new opportunities

  • Increase sales


Anyone who wants to position themselves as industry thought leaders or stand out from the competition.


8 Week Program

with ongoing support via emails and calls

*Workbook Included

Human Behaviour Consultation


Human behaviour in the workplace is multifaceted. Some areas look at different ways people interact, what motivates them and how to de-escalate conflicts.

The focus is on achieving a harmonious balance within an organization by assisting employees and managers to reach their potential by using practical and proven psychological strategies.


Stress management

Hiring the best talent

Employee retention

Employee motivation

Dealing with problem employees