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MENTORS Collective Lessons for Success

MENTORS Collective Lessons for Success 

People from around the world share lessons from their mentors. Learn from CEOS, psychologists, authors, professors, photographers and wellness coaches. Read their transformational stories that changed and helped shaped who they are today. Michelle Nasser is an expert on Mentoring and explains how we can all learn from these lessons to be more successful.

By Michelle Nasser Foreword By Dr. Robert Levine

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Leadership Assessment for Success 

Do you want to boost your organization's performance, increase individual productivity and gain a competitive edge? Michelle Nasser is an International Executive Coach who has helped business leaders throughout Canada and the US to achieve their goals. Now she has customized her exclusive Leadership Assessment in this self-help book for you! Achieve a new level of success.

By Michelle Nasser

The Style File - A Women's Guide to Dress for Success

The book is filled with tips and strategies on how to dress for your body shape, build confidence, set goals and approach life with a positive attitude. It also guides you how to clean up your closet, develop a capsule wardrobe, teach you the psychology of color and includes her 30-Day Style Challenge. Gain inspiration through pictures and stories sprinkled with humor to motivate and inspire you to change how you look and present yourself to the world. Your appearance significantly impacts how you are perceived.

By Treva Graves

How Was Your Day?

Michelle Nasser is an International Executive Coach and Motivational Speaker. She will entertain you with her honest and funny story-telling about her professional and personal escapades.Discover how ordinary days become quite extraordinary. Unwind with laughter with this first collection of truly hilarious short stories!

By Michelle Nasser

Michelle Nasser Show

Join us and hear amazing leadership insights!  

It will inform, entertain and inspire you as it showcases interesting people sharing their areas of expertise and valuable tips on success.


Have you ever been featured on a podcast? Do you have 15 minutes, an interesting  story, tips to become successful or expert advice? If yes, then we would love to feature you on our show. It is a fun and exciting way for us to connect and provide our audience with great information. 

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